How to Mint Rare Folk

Before Minting

In order to mint a Rare Folk you will need two things:

  1. Ether — the digital currency used to buy Rare Folk. Ether can be purchased with fiat or traded for crypto in a variety of centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  2. MetaMask wallet — You can download the MetaMask mobile app on the iOS app store or Google Play store, or desktop users can get a MetaMask extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Brave browsers. I suggest using the desktop version, if you do not have a preference. If you are completely new to purchasing and transferring ETH to a wallet, follow the instructions in this guide.

Instructions for minting

Once you have Ether in your MetaMask wallet, you are ready to mint!

On desktop, use the browser your MetaMask is installed on. On mobile, access your browser from the main menu of your MetaMask app.

Click the "Connect your wallet" button. MetaMask will ask you if you would like to connect your wallet to the site: click yes, and confirm this. You should now see a button with "Mint your Rare Folk NFT!" If you do not see this button, then something is wrong on your end. For mobile users: are you sure you are using the browser from within the MetaMask app? For desktop users: are you sure you have MetaMask installed in your browser? Also, make sure you are connected to the Ethereum main network, and not a test network.

Enter the number of Rare Folk you would like to mint in the number box and hit the MINT button!

MetaMask will ask you to confirm your transaction, and it will estimate the gas fees for your purchase. Note that some of this may be refunded to you once the transaction is complete, but you must have that much in order to confirm your order. (If you are tapping mint and absolutely nothing is happening and you are on mobile, please check that you have enough funds in your wallet to mint. Occasionally the MetaMask app will not open up the confirmation page if you do not have proper funds.)

Your transaction should be confirmed on the network shortly. Once this has happened, you can view your Rare Folk by heading to and signing in with the same wallet you used to purchase your NFT.

If you have more questions you can always reach out to us on Discord.


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