Rare Folk

Unique and randomly generated NFT characters,
celebrating the diverse community of people inhabiting the Metaverse.

some appear normal, others a bit less,
all look freaking awesome, nevertheless.

examples of Rare Folk characters

What is Rare Folk?

Rare Folk is a series of programmatically generated characters based on the ERC-721 standard and consists of 10,000 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a diverse and funky bunch of digital collectibles celebrating all hodlers, shitcoin traders, degen farmers and moonboys & moongirls of the metaverse.

*The cards are mockups to give you an idea how Rare Folk will look

Own a Rare Folk and

  • Get an awesome social avatar

  • Access members-only benefits such as community raffles, airdrops and giveaways

  • Get whitelisted for a plot of land of Rare Folk city (ERC721)

  • Access to the Rare Folk community museum and exclusive merchandise

  • Be part of this unique moment in blockchain history

  • Have a voice in the future developments of Rare Folk and help guide the direction of the project

How rare is my Rare Folk?

All Rare Folk are unique by design and stylish by choice. Carefully curated for your pleasure, they can be found rocking Tattoos, Headwear, Eyewear, Clothing and Accessories. Based on these traits, they’re subdivided in 5 levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare.

examples of Rare Folk traits

Who are Rare Folk?

Rare Folk are a special breed, always curious and constantly on the lookout for what new technologies have in store for them. They are early adopters and big dreamers who believe they can make the world a better place. They celebrate builders and creators and want to see the metaverse flourish. They are the first to grant you a helping hand, give feedback on your projects and support you in the ups and downs life in the metaverse has to offer.

How it started...

For many years the Rare Folk wandered the shadowy metaverse. Some mastered the dark magic of technical analysis, others became experts in finding small cap gems, some invested in mining equipment and a few are still recovering from losing their life savings on a meme coin.

Realizing they all were searching for the next NFT project to ape into, they decided to combine forces and settle down in a small corner of the metaverse. Together they form a sparkling cocktail of industry knowledge, memes, investment expertise and life wisdom. A true force to be reckoned with in the metaverse.

Rare Folk near a settlement
Rare Folk sign post

Phase 1 - Name the settlement

Now the Rare Folk have settled, they wonder what they should call their new home. After some discussion, they decided the name of the settlement (soon to be city) would be chosen by the first 1000 Rare Folk who would arrive.

To celebrate the historical occasion of naming the city, 10 Rare Folk are raffled amongst Rare Folk holders.

Phase 2 - Create a City Registry

At first the settlement is small, but new Rare Folk are arriving. When the small village grows to a mid-sized city of 2500 Rare Folk, City ID cards are introduced. Rare Folk holders can now choose a name and bio for their Rare Folk. The first 2500 inhabitants will receive a limited version ID to signal that they are founding members. A registry of all minted Rare Folk will be created, making it easy to explore these rare city dwellers.

To celebrate the introduction of City ID cards, 10 Ether is raffled amongst Rare Folk holders!

Rare Folk sign post
ches filled with gold

Phase 3 - Establish a City Treasury

As the community gets to know each other and the city grows to 5000 inhabitants, a City Treasury of 15 ETH will be established.

Rare Folk holders will be able to vote which community initiatives deserve support. Once the museum opens in phase 5 the City Treasury will also be used to acquire art. The City Treasury will be topped up once all Rare Folk are minted and with royalties of secondary sales.

Phase 4 - Create a Donation Fund

The city is rapidly growing. Now there are 7500 Rare Folk who call this magic place home. With the new arrivals, stories about hardships and injustices in the old world reach the Rare Folk community.

A Donation Fund is established, followed by a first donation to a maximum impact charitable organisation.

3 hands giving a donation
3 hands giving a donation

Phase 5 - Open the museum

The city is almost at full capacity. 9500 Rare Folk are now roaming the streets. They are having a great time funding community projects and getting to know each other, but something essential is lacking... ART. Rare Folk are a cultured bunch and love to support upcoming artists and small projects.

A part of the funds from the City Treasury will be made available to build out a NFT collection to be displayed in the museum.

To celebrate a meme contest is organized. Best meme, decided by the community, wins 5 Ether. Second and third place win 2.5 Ether.

Phase 6 - Full capacity

When the city reaches full capacity, the City Treasury will be topped up with a part of the generated profits. Thereafter the City Treasury and Donation Fund will each receive 15% of royalties generated by secondary sales.

Projects that the community values continue to receive funding, the collection of the Rare Folk museum grows and Rare Folk donations to charitable organisations are continued.

Rare Folk celebrating the city being at full capacity

The journey ahead

When all 10,000 Rare Folk have found their place in the metaverse, the real works begins of adding functionalities to the city and creating a governing structure. Although these will be determined by the Rare Folk community, here are a few thing we would love to create:

  • High Street - an Ecommerce store exclusive for Rare Folk holders.
  • City council - a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to govern the workings of the city and allocate future budgets.
  • City college - educational material on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by and for the Rare Folk community.

Join the community


What we have in store for you!


On the 21st of September @1PM UCT, we’re going live baby!!! Learn more about how to mint Rare Folk here.


The Rare Folk settlement is named by the holders of the first 1000 Rare Folk.

10 Rare Folk are raffled on Discord among early adopters and supporters. Make sure to join the Discord channel and follow us on Twitter.


Rare Folk City ID cards and a city registry are introduced.

All Rare Folk holders enter a raffle to win 10 Ether!


A City Treasury of 15 Ether is established.

Rare Folk holders can now get funding for creating something awesome that the community values.


A Donation Fund is established.

Once established, a donation is made to a maximum impact charitable organisation, decided by the Rare Folk community.


The museum opens. The City Treasury is used to fund the Rare Folk art collection.

Time a for a meme contest! Best meme, decided by the community, wins 5 Ether. Second and third place win 2.5 Ether.


Now let the real work begin. Together with the community we will determine the future of Rare Folk.

An exclusive Ecommerce store, DAO and a city college are just the tip of the iceberg

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your most frequently asked questions

What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a digital item that is not interchangeable. NFTs are provably rare and make it easy to determine their authenticity and history of owners. Many NFTs represent ownership of digital art, game items, domain names and digital collectibles. Some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites, merchandise or let you participate in events. Basically you can think of them as rare pieces of art (or Pokemon cards on steroids) which can also act as a “members” card.

When can I mint a Rare Folk?

Rare Folk primary sale launches on the 21st of September at 1PM UCT. Learn more about how to mint Rare Folk here.

How many Rare Folk can I mint?

Per transaction you are able to mint 10 Rare Folk.

How do I get involved?

Head over to Discord, jump into the conversation and let us know your ideas!

Are Rare Folk a good investment?

We are setting up a community fund to ensure Rare Folk has a long life ahead of it. Our goal is to be an ever evolving project and growing a strong community. However the success of Rare Folk relies on many factors and variables which we do not control. Whether Rare Folk is a good investment is ultimately a decision for you to make. Hopefully Rare Folk goes to the moon, but like anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to miss.

What can I do with my Rare Folk?

You are free to do anything you want with it. On top of that, it grants you legendary status. What else could you wish for?

How much does each Rare Folk cost?

The initial mint fee of all Rare Folk is 0.04 ETH + gas fee. Once minted, Rare Folk will be available on OpenSea.io where the price is determined by supply and demand.


We have reserved 2% or 200 Rare Folk for giveaways. Some will be raffled to early Rare Folk adopters and supporters. Others are reserved for marketing purposes and collaborations. The 3 members of staff have each been given one Rare Folk (from the reserve). The 9800 remaining Rare Folk are all for sale.

Will there be any royalties??

Yes, 2.5% royalties are applied to sales on the secondary market. 15% of these royalties will be added to the Community Treasury and 15% will be added to the Donation Fund.

What is the smart contract address?


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